Let’s celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of HTI-consulting.

An approach to recruitment that’s still relevant today

Four of our founders at HTI-consulting are still actively involved. As a result, our personalized, boutique approach to consulting in the international healthcare sector is as relevant today as it was in the early days.

Putting our customers’ interests first

Our team of consultants continues to include industry experts. As a result, they possess scientific and medical knowledge, and have a thorough understanding of our customers, their products and market opportunities.

HTI fête le 25ème anniversaire de la création de son cabinet HTI-consulting

A passion for innovation, our DNA

A passion for new technologies is part of HTI’s DNA. As partners in your success, we’re proud to have been able to accompany you on a number of journeys and to have supported you in building your organization. As a true partner, in many cases we’ve made friends with many of you, both candidates and customers.

Our journey continues through the evolution of technology

We continue our exciting journey through the evolution of pharmaceutical, MedTech, Biotech, life sciences and e-health technologies across EMEA and the USA.

A positive balance sheet

We have completed over 3500 senior level search missions; partnered with some amazing and creative entrepreneurs; supported many different investors through targeted recruitment and organizational audits; assisted at and contributed at national and international conferences.

A sincere thank you

We’ve learned and grown from each other, and we’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your trust and collaboration over the years. For all of us, nothing is more gratifying than making a modest contribution to your success, whether as a customer or a candidate.

Working for a noble cause

And let’s not forget how fortunate we are to work in this exceptional industry which develops new drugs and innovative technologies for the benefit of the patients.

Our journey continues