Our thanks to Aleksandra Spiro, consultant HTI – Healthcare & Technology International, for giving us her keys to approach the best profiles abroad and propose the right candidates to our clients.

“So no, I don’t necessarily leave my family and Paris to recruit and travel to meet candidates but I follow a few rules to successfully recruit abroad.
With my diverse background and international experience, and the HTI team, I have gained valuable insights. 
Here are the keys that I keep in mind when hiring internationally.

📍 Regulatory matters: It’s important to be aware of the regulations and laws surrounding international hiring in the target country. This includes ensuring compliance with local labor laws, and providing all required benefits such as health insurance and its conditions. 

📍 Candidate approach: Every country has its own unique cultural norms and expectations when it comes to the hiring process. It’s important to be mindful of these differences, whether it’s regarding punctuality, communication styles, or formality in the interview process.

📍Work structure: The job titles, responsibilities, and required qualifications can vary greatly between countries. It’s crucial to be aware of the local labor market and compensation policy which are usually aligned with the cost of living for each country.

📍 Cultural considerations: Understanding the cultural local codes is essential when it comes to recruiting employees. For example, some cultures place a higher value on work-life balance, while others may have a more flexible attitude towards work hours.

It is also necessary, as in any recruitment, to know the motivations and expectations of the candidate.

🌍 I ensure that all our international recruits integrate smoothly and successfully into their new work environment. 
By keeping these key considerations in mind, we at HTI – Healthcare & Technology International are able to effectively identify and hire top talent from around the world while ensuring compliance and cultural sensitivity.”