HTI has a solid reputation as a leading executive and middle-management search firm specialised in placing executives and experts in the life sciences sector.

We have a unique track record: 25 years in placement and advisory projects in over 27 countries, with an increasing focus on disruptive technologies and breakthrough pharma innovations.

Everyone at HTI is truly a specialised professional. We know both the healthcare business and the search business, and all members of our consulting team have worked in the medical field for many years.

Executive search remains our core business, but we also expanded to provide a variety of human resources consulting services.


We have a broad coverage of the most dynamic healthcare sectors, markets and services.

For you, with you, HTI at a glance

From R&D to Commercialisation, we work shoulder to shoulder with all types of business and organizations in the life sciences sector from large, medium corporations to pioneering startups backed up by Venture Capital.

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Completion rate


Repeat business

We value our reputation and our ethical approach to recruitment.


Our effectiveness is illustrated in a few key figures:
– We have a robust completion rate of over 90%.
– We enjoy a 70% rate of repeat business. We truly treasure lasting client relationships built on trust, success, and satisfaction.
– Most of our search missions are completed within three months of brief approval.

We honour and manage all off-limit issues with skill and discretion.
We are particularly appreciated for our in-depth reference checking and systematic on-boarding process.


HTI provides “one-stop shopping” to clients for all executive search and in-house HR-consulting needs. We can serve everyone from global healthcare companies to one-person startups all across Europe.

We have an exceptionally strong and well-developed network within the life sciences industries.
We form a cohesive, responsive unit, working as a unified team to better serve our clients.


Integrity, confidentiality and transparency are the basis for our practice. We put high value on being always honest with the client and candidate.

We never oversell our ability to recruit. We treat both the client and the candidate with respect, and we are adamant about confidentiality, and trust which are two of the most precious elements of our professional work.