Confronted with this challenging sanitary and economic crisis which impacts us all, a number of Life Sciences Managers have shared their experiences with us. During this period, they observed the appearance of several “human factor observations / opportunities” which they will continue to retain and adopt in the future.

The following are some of their observations:

The creation of a strong sense of solidarity, a form of common identity, the opportunity to show a corporate responsible image and even calming certain existing social tensions. One is happy to be part of a company who takes care of their employees, who limits the risks of unemployment and who contributes fully to the fight against the Covid-19 propagation, even if it means, changing company activities: employees acknowledged the widespread goodwill that was put in place within the majority of companies.

Remote work was put in place where possible, even within companies who were not initially favorable. These companies have observed that this is working well, therefore, they will continue to consider remote work in the future. However, limited in general, to 2 days per week (at the discretion of management).

The 1st May celebrated in most countries around the world as “Labour Day”, signified for many this year, “Remote Work Day”. The rapport of confidence between “employer – employee”, is a growing tendency and the notion of flexibility has become key. The family haven of “Home Sweet Home”, has now become a personal and professional universe for a large majority of employees who have had to accustom to this: organizing their day around sharing home and work space.

The appearance of a certain amount of dysfunctions internally: an opportunity to reflect on new role definitions and the distribution of tasks, which in many cases, will continue after the crisis.

The responsibility of Managers. The possibility of reinforcing their role; more impactful faced with an obstacle, capable of measuring risks. The crisis revealed certain leadership characters (a crisis reveals true leaders and also those unsuspected contributors/future leaders).

Increasing digital skills for all employees, which will accelerate and deeply transform traditionally working modes. For example, a certain number of professional trips or one to one meetings, will become unnecessary and this will have an effect in strengthening the links between professionals/partners/clients, where mutual confidence will have to be utmost in order that projects advance at a distance and in a secure environment.

And finally, most likely there will be “critical thinking” on the way we work together and individually. Some will no doubt, question the sense of their work and might well question the relevance of the “normative values” in their work environment.

We must be ready for these exchanges: Are we ready? Are you ready?

Thank you for your reactions and comments. We all learn by advancing and sharing experience is here to stay!

Thank you to the Life Sciences Managers who shared their experiences.